Multi Chat for WhatsApp Amazing App for iPhone, iPad

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“It’s the best app For iPhone, iPad

-Reskin Mobile App

Multi Chat for WhatsApp is allowed you to access multiple WhatsApp account at the same time by using this app. Simply You have to scan QR code then you are ready to access all that’s it.


– It gives you easy access to whole chat which is in WhatsApp including group chats.

– Own Passcode for this app

– Multiple accounts mean add 10+ accounts

– You can reply to anyone normally like the App

– Access Photos and multimedia files from chat.

– Play voice messages

– Send photo and video from the app

– Chat with all the contacts

How to use this app really simple step here it is.

1. Open app create Passcode

2. On Home “Add Account” Give it a name

3. Scan QR Code

4. Easy access account from the slide menu and Dual Account List button.

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