Banana Monkey – Banana Jungle Awesome game for Android phone

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🍌 Banana Monkey – Banana Jungle is🍌 an amazing running and jumping adventure game with monkey eating bananas.
This year, it hasn’t rained for a long time on the island which monkey kong and his family is living. So He has to find food for his family.
Fortunately, he has found a banana island after drifting on the sea for a long time. It’s a 🍌🍌Bananas’ World🍌🍌. There are not only many banana trees and bananas,
but also many dangers like a savage, spider, fountain, bouncing flowers and so on.
Please help monkey kong avoid dangers and collect bananas for his family.

🍌 How to play Banana Monkey:
– Easy to play, just tap screen to jump monkey
– Double tap for double jump

Great!Download Banana Monkey – Banana Jungle game Now!
And start this wonderful adventure journey to help monkey kong!

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