Once Upon a Tower : Fun and challenging game

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“Once Upon a Tower is really fun and challenging game absolutely love it”

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Ever wanted to escape somewhere else? Ever felt like you were trapped in a high tower? Ever found yourself waiting for the valiant knight to save you?

Wait no more!

Cause he isn’t coming — No, really, he isn’t. He was literally eaten by that guardian dragon over there.

But fear no more, you have all you need to set yourself free. The brave knight left behind his war hammer, I’m sure you can put it to good use, right?

You can beat the enemies. You can escape the dragon. YOU CAN DO THIS! Now let the adventure begin, once upon a tower.

This is an awesome game!!!!? The beginning is so funny! Poor guy though. I love how challenging it is and all the characters!! It would be cool if you could build your own character! But I really like the characters you have put!! Personally I think this game is for everybody! If you like fairytales this is definitely the game is ideal
One quick question does this game have an end I’ve always wondered does the princess ever get out of the tower???
It’s December, I think you should have a Christmas theme! It would be cool it the dragon had a Santa hat!!
Another question can you fire a the dragon I know you can with the dragon stones but can you with the dragon?? I’ve never actually tried it though.
I just want to say it’s an amazing game!!!!?
Another question does the guy come back??
And what happens when you unlock all of the characters do you just keep playing but then there’s no goal?
There should be a hammer that breaks stone! Right!
Anyways I love this game ❤ !!
And the fact that you added Scagoewea is just awesome!! Whoever’s idea that was should get a raise!!
I love this game but it needs an update! I really want a Christmas ? theme.
That’s it!
Hope more people get this game if they do they WILL LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! ????

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