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“Google Primer is one of the best free apps to learn various skill for new business and scale your existing business to next level”

-Reskin Mobile App



Features :

Google Primer is an educational app that’s a fast, easy way to learn new business and marketing skills. We give you bite-sized lessons to do whenever you have 5 minutes free. Interactive tutorials help you learn new topics quickly, like business planning, content marketing, SEO, analytics, digital advertising, sales, branding, and more. And you can put your new knowledge to use right away with personalized, in-app next steps that are automatically saved for you.


Latest Updates :

We’ve updated Primer so it’s even easier for you to learn:
– Try our improved Search. Look for specific topics or lesson titles and get more targeted results.
– We’ve added Skills. Whenever you finish 4 lessons in a topic like Business Planning, Social Media, or Digital Marketing, you’ll earn that Skill. We have a total of 18 skills you can earn.

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