Mobile App Development : A Great Start for App Business

This is very important post who are interested and make a good start with mobile app development or new business also who are connected with this business that will get the benefit and some good tips as well. From Where to start app business I’ll give you good tips and some of the recommendation and it’s quick step to move forward.

Check list for Mobile App Business

  1. App Idea
  2. App Blueprint/Wireframe/UX
  3. App Design/ App UI
  4. Hiring Designer
  5. Hiring Developer
  6. Beta testing
  7. App Launch
  8. Mobile App Marketing
  9. Mobile App Results/Downloads/Revenue

Above are the key elements for app development and everyone should follow in this sequence to get the desired result and it’s required to execute properly. Let take quick overview one by one.

  1. App Idea

It’s basic key element of and main start point of your business first you need to check across all the app platform such app already available in the market or not you can try directly from Google or search on iOS App Store or Goole Play store because if you are trying hard to do that then it’s already available then it’ll not worth the idea so do the research first before move forward to next step.


  1. App Blueprint/Wireframe/UX

 Main pillar and foundation of is App blueprint so you need to think how it’ll gonna work for example. When the app starts which screen will appear what kind of buttons, animation, login, signup will be there and how user going to next screen and so on. So basically you need to take care each and every screen what stuff will be there each and every screen. You can create wireframe using online as well offline free available tools. Also, the best way to draw on rough paper and connect each screen with an arrow then go with digital tools. All thing should be easy to navigate always thing from a user perspective, not from your end.


  1. App Design/ App UI

App Design is very simple term it does not require more explanation but many people do mistake in this section if your app is social and all the graphics should be clean and simple if it’s game graphics look more funky style, if it surveys app then it’ll be simple step and forms. So take care of all user from children to senior citizen make graphics based on your app concept.


  1. Hiring Designer

Now you have everything in your mind about design and who has targeted audience so now require searching good designer so you can find a freelancer or in your town, I’ll recommend some of the sites you can contact Appzyard, Fiverr, Dribbble, Behance, check portfolio and previous work and client review the hire. Generally, App design cost around $300-$1000 it depends on a number of screens and design type of game design then costs might increase.


  1. Hiring Developer

Now you are on the track to development so you have a design ready and require to start app development whether it’s iOS, Android or Windows platform you need to make clear everything with the developer about supported devices, version, app mode(Portrait, Landscape, Both), After sales support etc. Developer available hourly as well fixed price it’s up to you which one you are going to choose. You can take interview on freelancing site like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer go with average price not cheap not too costly and also check the review on the profile page as well.


  1. Beta testing

It’s about you have product ready in Beta mode so you can test and distribute with real audience with family, friends, relative etc in small number of groups and get feedback from there if you think it’s necessary to implement then require to contact your developer and asking about those changes or new features require to add in your app.


  1. App Launch

Launch your app on a specific festival date, create events so everybody knows about the app and get a massive number of downloads on the launch day.  If it’s possible you can contact famous influencer blogger to launch your app so it’ll create a huge impact on users.


  1. Mobile App Marketing

Mobile app marketing can be done on various phase Pre Launch, After Launch, so it’s up to you how you are going to provide, Read this article as well, You can create earlier bird list and provide early access to your users. Also, you can run paid ad campaign on the store as well social media and many ad networks available like Admob, Applovin, Fyber, Chartboost, Revemob etc but these are popular.


  1. Mobile App Results/Downloads/Revenue

After all the event related to promotion, ad campaign, the cross promotion you will need to check the result in terms of Downloads, User engagement and Revenue.

After following all necessary above points you can make a fresh start to app development business. If you have any question feel free to contact me.








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