Make more sales online ? Best way to make sales and marketing product yourself

Everywhere each and every person have only one question in mind how to sell more products/items/course on the online internet, what ever you have like an ebook, jewellery, health product, fitness equipment, digital instrument, App template, digital software, graphics design or a subscription to the website, build the business from scratch etc.

So for doing more sale and subscription what you need to do is, you should have following things on your hand.

 Key Points

1. Website( Domain name, hosting charge, designing, development, make it live)

2. Social Presence(Facebook,Twitter,Google+ etc.)

3. Email List of your customer(Require on site if not have)

4. Payment system

5. Email template

6. Video promotion of your product

7. Paid Ad campaign (It’s more expensive not recommend initially )

Basically to get fresh start that’s all you need so you need little money to do all the things and require to search right person but you don’t have the knowledge to take interview what you ask and is it fit for this job or not it’s quite tough because everyone says I know everything but ended with unfinished product and lost of time and money.

Why it’s happening because you don’t have technical knowledge of site design, hosting cost, email list building and automation etc. If you are good at all you can hire a person as a freelancer or in-house developer but that is not recommend if your budget is limited.

Best budget option and you can do yourself yes you can definitely because they provide a full tutorial of each and every tool.

What I recommend is first one it’s cheaper and it has many options, we can compare all this two in next blog post but my conclusion is to go with any of above and get at least start with your business by taking an action now.

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